Transportation (Roads)

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No Parking Signs

Public Works will make every attempt to put out no parking signs the day before sweeping or snow removal is planned. Please ensure your vehicle is not parked on the street or you could be met with the consequence of a ticket or even be towed. In an event that Public Works is not able to complete sweeping or snow removal on the day planned, the signs will remain up for the next day as well. 

Residents are reminded to sign up for E-NEWS to have the street sweeping schedule sent to them via email so they know when their street is scheduled for cleaning / snow removal. 

Signs are placed out prior to 4:30pm the day before maintenance begins.


The purpose of alleys are for overland drainage. Alleys are not listed as a priority. Should alleyways become impassable, they may be cleared as time permits. All alleys are graded minimally twice yearly.

Road/Sidewalk Repair

All roads and sidewalks are inspected yearly and assessed for repairs. Yearly repair work is based on a priority system based on condition and budget.

Snow Removal

Please also consider neighbors and delivery people by clearing your sidewalks. Snow must be removed within 72 hours of any snowfall (Traffic Bylaw 754/18 Sec. 18). Snow that is cleaned off sidewalks and driveways cannot be deposited onto the road.

Our Public Works staff makes every effort to ensure that our streets are clear of snow and ice during the winter months. Please be patient as we complete this process. Snow plowing and/or removal on streets will be started after a heavy snowfall (15cm) or once accumulations have reached 15cm.

The priority areas are as follow:

Priority one includes main thoroughfares and bus routes.

Priority two are businesses, streets and avenues.

Priority three are closes, courts and places – these are cleared once all other major areas are complete.

Click here for Snow Removal Priority Map.

Public Works makes every attempt to notify residents of intent to clear snow. Time permitting; signs are normally places alongside the street more than 12 hours in advance. Please be courteous to Town staff as well as your neighbors by refraining from parking on the road during the hours posted. Attempts will be made to contact the registered owner of the vehicles, but note that vehicles are considered tow-able if they are not in accordance with the posted street sign (Use if Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation, Alta Reg. 304/2002 Sec. 44(n)).

Snow will be wind-rowed until removal is possible. Where applicable, snow will be wind-rowed to the side of the street without a sidewalk.

Please use extra care when approaching snow removal equipment as visibility is limited and equipment may stop and/or back up suddenly.

The Public works department does a minimum of two thorough street sweeps a year. This means that streets are signed for no parking during the day so that the sweeper can get the entire area.

Generally, the full sweeps are completed once in the spring and again in the fall. The streets will be swept periodically throughout the Town from spring until fall in problem areas without signs being posted.

Please watch for NO PARKING signs and remember there is no parking on signed streets until the signs are removed. Residents are reminded to sign up for E-NEWS to have the street sweeping schedule sent to them via email so they know when their street is scheduled for cleaning.