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Storm Ponds are not safe for recreation

Be Aware! Stormwater retention ponds are very different than your average pond surface and any ice that forms on top is extremely unsafe. We recognize restrictions on organized sports and indoor recreation centres has created minimal recreation activities for families to enjoy but the storm ponds are not safe for recreational activities.

The ponds in Penhold are actually stormwater facilities. Stormwater facilities play an important role in helping to move snow melt and storm runoff from our streets, through the drainage system. As a result, contaminants from the streets get washed into the facilities. These contaminants have been shown to increase water temperature, compromising ice quality by melting the ice from below. In addition, water is continuously flowing through the facility, which also makes any ice that forms on the surface very unstable and highly dangerous.

For anyone who may accidentally break through the ice, hypothermia is a real risk. A person's body loses heat 25 times faster in water compared to the same temperature of air. Stats suggest a person has 9 minutes to self-rescue.

As recently as October 2020, two young girls were rescued from a Calgary stormwater facility by local residents after falling through thin ice. In total, there have been three fatalities in stormwater facilities in Alberta in the past three years. Anyone that witnesses someone fall through the ice should immediately call 9-1-1. Try to keep an eye on the individual, and do not attempt to rescue them. This includes pets.

The warm weather has made it possible to keep the Yard Waste Bins out longer than usual this year.  The bins will remain open by the Waskasoo Ave ball diamond until November 15, 2021. 

Town of Penhold Public Works Department will once again be bringing yard waste bins in for resident use disposing of household yard waste. The bins will be located south of the Penhold Regional Multiplex near the Waskasoo Ave ball diamond. Please refer to list below for which yard waste items are acceptable in the bins and please make sure you put your yard waste in the appropriate bin. There is one bin for glass clippings and one bin for other yard waste such as leaves and branches.

Acceptable items:

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Branches - must be shorter than 4' and smaller than 1" in diameter

Unacceptable items:

  • Bags of any sort, including paper yard waste bags
  • Garbage of any sort
  • Animal feces

Spring Street Sweeping. Please watch for NO PARKING signs and remember there is no parking on signed streets until the signs are removed. Residents are reminded to sign up for E-NEWS to have the street sweeping schedule sent to them via email so they know when their street is scheduled for cleaning.

The Town of Penhold collects your garbage weekly and your recycling biweekly using a private contractor, Environmental 360. Complete details are available on the Garbage & Recycling page.

Garbage/recycling pick up will also be completed on statutory holidays with the exception of Christmas Day.

2021 Penhold Garbage / Recycling Schedule

Snow Removal

Our Public Works staff makes every effort to ensure that our streets are clear of snow and ice during the winter months. Please be patient as we complete this process. Snow plowing and/or removal on streets will be started after a heavy snowfall (15cm) or once accumulations have reached 15cm.

The priority areas are as follow:

Priority one includes main thoroughfares and bus routes.

Priority two are businesses, streets and avenues.

Priority three are closes, courts and places ā€“ these are cleared once all other major areas are complete.

Click here for Snow Removal Priority Map.

The Town of Penhold reminds residents the storm retention ponds are not measured for ice depth in the winter. There may be water flowing into these systems during the winter months, so town officials ask everyone to stay off the ice as there may be a danger of thin ice.

About Public Works

The Public Works Department Consists of 1 manager, 1 supervisor, 6 full time operators, 1 full time landscape/horticulturist, 1 full time administration and utility clerk, 1 part time admin/safety and 7 temporary summer staff. What do we do? 

These areas are:

- Snow Removal
- Street Sweeping
- Maintain Roadways, sidewalks & alleys
- Maintain infrastructure

- Storm Water Management
- Drainage

- Operate Water systems
- Maintain Quality drinking water
- Hydrant/Line flushing
- Install/read water meters
- Calculate & send out utility bills
- Reporting to Government agencies


- Operate regional sewer line

- Operate wastewater collection system

- Sewer line flushing

- Maintain garbage receptacles around public property in Penhold

Park & Recreation
- Operate/maintain outdoor recreational facilities
- Maintain parks and green spaces

Memorial Hall
- Memorial Hall maintenance


Can anyone work in water and wastewater?

No. Alberta Environment mandates certification for Water & Wastewater Operators. Certification is obtained through combination of education, experience and passing the Government examination. Continuing education is required to maintain certification.

Are there checks done to make sure the water is safe?

The Town of Penhold water is treated to comply with Alberta Drinking Water Regulations

Public Works Department Yearly Maintenance Schedule

 Yearly Maintenance Schedule

For more information please contact 403-886-4265.

The 2022 Spring Clean-Up will be held May 27 - June 5, 2021. 

Bins will be located SOUTH OF THE MULTIPLEX by the ball diamond on Waskasoo Ave. 

Important Reminders:

  • Site will be open 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily (site closes on Sundays once the bins are full)
  • Only 1 vehicle allowed in site at a time
  • It is resident's responsibility to bring unwanted items to bins
  • Designated areas for tires, propane bottles & batteries
  • NO  cement, rebar, oils, paints, antifreeze or chemicals of any kind.
  • $25 disposal fee per appliance for all appliances.*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Residents MUST call public works at 403-886-4265 to advise you are bringing an appliance BEFORE arriving at site. Disposal fee of $25 per appliance will be added to utility bill.

Spring Clean-Up is held annually at the end of May each year.  

Click here for 2021 Spring Clean-Up Flyer