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Taxes & Assessments

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On Monday May 17, 2021 Council passed Bylaw 801.2021 which set the Town of Penhold’s municipal tax rates for 2021. Property Tax Notices and Assessments are scheduled to be in the mail by May 18th and will be due June 30, 2021. If anyone does not receive their Notice by June 1st please call the office at 403-886-4567.       

2021 Penhold Tax Rates

  • School Requisition 
    • Residential 2.73 (Increase  from 2.53)
    • Non-Residential 3.473 (Decrease from 3.76)
  • Seniors Requisition
    • 0.02020  (Increased from 0.0196)
  • Designated Industrial Property  
    • 0.0766 (Increased from 0.076)
  • Municipal Mill Rate:
    • Residential 8.8 (Decreased from 9.183)
    • Commercial 12.1 (Increased from 11.967)
  • Minimum Tax Rate: $450
  • Designated Industrial Rate: 0.766

•   2021 Tax Information

Alberta Education Property Tax Facts & Info Brochure

Property Tax information

The assessed value is used to calculate your property taxes. Any error on your property assessment notice could impact the amount of property tax you are billed. Since tax bills are not disputable, it is important to review your property assessment notice before the appeal deadline.

Market value assessments are prepared utilizing Mass Appraisal. For residential property, assessors collect, review and analyze information from all arms-length real estate sales transactions that occurred over a 12 month period. The quality, size, feature, and age of your home are some of the factors in determining the final value of your property.

Since your property assessment is based on market value, it is affected by market changes caused by supply and demand. Your assessment will also be influenced by improvements or modifications you make to your property.

The Property Tax Calculator below is a guide for reference but does not replace your Tax Assessment and Notice amount. Please contact the Town Office if you have any questions.

Note: The tax calculator does not include Designated Industrial Charges.


Current Tax Rates Tax Distribution
Police .2565 % ----
Education 2.7300 % ----
Senior .0202 % ----
Municipal 8.8000 % ----
Your Total Estimated Taxes